Saturday, February 06, 2010

ahhh, I got to move it, move it....

I have restarted my creation process....I had to push it out of me or I will stall for an unlimited period of time. I guess I miss Europe, I guess I miss what I had in the process to enjoy what I have and what I will have.


I've dugged in my bead box and made a pair of sterling silver and copper hammered hoop earrings for a swap.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Creations! Creations! Creations!

Inspired by an intercontinental move, I have been weeding out future projects...But when my mother-in-law presented me with some fabulous scraps of fabric, I have decided to revive my quilting skills.
It was a SWEAT! I could not remember much. I have been idle since June this year because of the move.But after many trials and errors and thanks to my new wonderful Studio set-up (meaning more table space) I have created Kitty Kat Mania.
Here is the project is all of his various stages.
The Kitty pattern is from Amy Butler's website.

I am reopening my BLOG!

After a super tiring move and super tiring set up of the house (always partial of course!), I am restarting with my wonderful Blog!
Yes, I need to write even more even if Facebook has been taking over my priorities.........

Let's start with posting Lisa's this year Countdown !

I have been creating and you?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Facebook is taking over! 2

Maybe this time I get a better scan done...

Facebook is taking over!

Yes, I wish somehow Facebook and my Blog would be connected...but it ain't happening yet.\
I have been stuck regarding creating...but my overwhelming collection of wooden shapes has got me going again. If I still do not have enough for Christmas time bazaars at least I have plenty to give as gifts...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just call me Blondie.

What a wonderful, not hot, day was today. I went with a friend up to St Goarhausen to visit a liquor store.
I know what you think by now.
But this wasn't any ordinary liquor store. They make their own brandy and schnapps and wine and Eiswein (if you do not know what it is google it) and I got to taste the most delicious brandies ever. I made it home only with a tiny bottle of Chocolate mint and a tinier bottle of Peach brandy (thanks to Sony Germany for cutting my "fun" budget), but is not far at all and I forgot how beautiful the Lorelei valley is.

Why call me a Blondie?
I left my camera at home!
We have 4 Digi cameras (ok one is sort of meleted down after Jeff took it to Iraq but...still works) and all were at home and that included a DEAD cellphone.

So lots of inspiration to look for Pewter ware and abandon it all to live in a castle...and there are plenty up the pun intended since Lorelei is a a woman.

Man , no pictures, must provide with some next...

Friday, April 24, 2009

The sun is shining and...

...and I am sneezing my heart out, no really. I think i tried to sneezed it out a couple of times.
The Lilacs are blooming and so is the Wisteria and another myriad of colours bombs, aka Flowers.
But I am indoors reorganizing my little work space, (pictures to follow), to make room for me and my little growing artist. Who has been painting his bedroom with Expo markers and called his piece "Alien war" (pictures to coming later).

Right now I am going to update with some of my latest artwork This is one of my first solo acrylic is entitled "Hiding you"
These are two fo the pages I have done for the minibook for Altered Book Europe.The theme is: Seasons and so I represented them with colours on one side and a napkin and acrylic technique on the other and a good dash of sewing lines....